Learn How to Troubleshoot Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Not Working

Quickbooks Provides Multi-user Mode that offers users to access the same file simultaneously on multiple devices. this feature of the Quickbooks Software makes it easier for the user to share data with other officials easily. However, while changing to Multi-user Mode from single-mode, You might get an error message that says “Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Not Working“. this error mostly occurs because of Network Connection issues.Quickbooks Multi-user Mode not Working

In this article, we will help you to fix this issue quickly. Along with this, we will also discuss some of the basic reasons that cause this error and some pre-requisites that you will need to follow before troubleshooting this error.

Issues that Leads to Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Not Working

Based on the issues and reports we have received from multiple Quickbooks Users, We have listed below some of the basic reasons that can cause this error.

  • You might encounter this error if the Quickbooks Software is unable to track the IP Address of the other Device on the Network because of network or Server Issues.
  • Anti-malware or Security Software might be blocking the Quickbooks Software to access the file in your system.
  • Because of Windows Firewall Configuration, the system might not get access to other devices on the network.
  • Because of the Incorrect settings of your Hosting Device, You might encounter this error.

Hence, If you have encountered this Quickbooks Error while Switching to Quickbooks Multi-user Mode then there is nothing to worry about. You can simply follow the process mentioned below to troubleshoot this error. In Case, You are not able to fix this issue and need some help then you can contact the experts at Quickbooks. They are well-trained to help you with advanced troubleshooting solutions to fix this issue quickly. You can send your query through mail or Live Chat Support. Experts will respond to you with an effective solution.

Pre-requisites to be Followed Before Troubleshooting Quickbooks Error

Before leading to the troubleshooting solution, Make sure to download the Quickbooks Database Server Manager on the device which is hosting the Multi-user Mode. Make sure to check the system requirements before downloading the software to your device for better compatibility. After successfully downloading and installing the software, you can now follow the methods below to fix this error.

How to Troubleshoot Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Not Working?

You can follow the methods listed below to troubleshoot the “Quickbooks Multi-user Mode Working” error. But make sure to check the pre-requisites before proceeding to the troubleshooting process.

Process: 1 Change Settings of Hosting Files

You need to follow the process given below to set the Hosting Files to Local Files.

  • Close all the running programs and go to the desktop screen to open the Quickbooks Desktop Software.
  • Now, Open the Product Information window by pressing the F2 Key.Quickbooks Error Solution
  • After this, Click upon the “Local Server Information” link to open the Hosting Settings window.
  • From the opened window, Ensure the Hosting file is set to local files, and then close the window.

Process: 2 Quickbooks Database Server Manager

After changing the configuration of the Hosting Files, Now you have to restart the Quickbooks Database Server Manager tool. Follow the steps given below:Quickbooks Error

  • Press the Windows key and enter servers.msc in the search bar and hit enter.
  • Now go to the desktop screen and right-click on it.
  • choose the Start menu and then close all the opened windows.
  • Now to open all the files by Extension, right-click on the start menu and choose the explore option.
  • Click On the Tools menu and then go to the folder option.
  • Move to the View tab and then Mark the checkbox to show all the hidden files.
  • Click on Ok and then close the window.

Process: 3 Delete Quickbooks Component Files

Firstly, Restart the Quickbooks Software and then follow the steps given below to delete the Quickbooks Component files.

  • Press the Windows+E key to open the Windows Explorer screen.
  • Now open the Program Files folder and then Open Intuit Folder.
  • Go to the Quickbooks folder and then locate the file with .ND Extension.
  • Right-click on the file and choose the delete option.
  • Click on Ok and then close all the windows.

After this, recreate the Quickbooks Component file again.

Process: 4 Change Hosting Modes

Before switching the hosting modes, Make sure to turn off the hosting display and ensure that the company file is not opened on any device on the server. You can follow the steps given below:

  • Login into the Quickbooks Software as an administrator.
  • Now go to the tools menu and choose the utility option.
  • After this, choose the “Stop Hosting Multi-User Mode” option and then choose the “Ok” option.
  • Restart the quickbooks software and then press the F2 Key.

After completing this, Open the Quickbooks Software and try running the Quickbooks Multi-User Mode. you can now successfully use the Multi-User Mode in Quickbooks Without Any error. In Case, You are trying to Update Quickbooks payroll and you have encountered Quickbooks Error 6000 77 then try using the Quickbooks File Doctor Tool To fix this error.